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      The homestead resort Sakalu Slenis is located in a pine grove, near a large pond, 10 km from Telsiai town. Nicely arranged resort is a perfect place to make your holiday as wedding, christening, birthday, reunion, group, collaborators meetings as well or just spend your time with friends or family.
      The cozy banquet hall accommodates up to 40 people, it is great to spend evenings in a big terrace enjoying sunset nearby huge pond. The site is nicely arranged, there is a playground, field for basketball, handball, newly built tennis court. After intensive activities guests are welcome to relax in the Russian or Japanese baths. Those who just want to spend a day in fresh air, we offer a terrace on the pond or outdoor arbour with a fireplace, in the pond you can run a water bike or boat.      


Guests are welcome at Sakalu Slenis resort

at any time of the year  !!!